At your daughter’s wedding there can be a plethora of operations that need your attention. And we understand that being a MOM you want to be there for your baby at every desired moment. Sometimes, these roles are quite evident and right in front of you, whereas, mostly the list is so long that you fail to contemplate where to start, what to skip, what should be kept on priority and what is extremely undesirable.

In this article we have come up with a few very essential hints to make sure your mom does not feel left out.


Aren’t all mothers the best at it? Sit your mother down and tell her the items you need help with for example the best price, bargaining, quality merchandise and send her on a treasure hunt. Being a wonder mom, she sure will spread the word among her friends and before you know it, she will be all done with the best baker in town or the best prices for the wedding favors you were after since long.


Isn’t your mom all up to date with the family news and views? So this task of inviting people should also be designated to her. As she is the one who is well aware of relationships, she will definitely be able to draft a precise guest list. Table plan is another matter that only the mom of the bride can handle. So let her do the settings her way.


Despite being a grown up now and a BRIDE-TO-BE you still are your mother’s little baby girl. Being all bogged down with the wedding chores, rehearsals, dress trials, venue settings you must feel too worked up and stressed. Here comes the role of your mom,come back to her and talk about the entire hectic schedule you have been through. She may not be able to minimize the number of operations you have to perform but she sure can de-stress you by listening to your rants and never ending stories, may serve hot afternoon tea or magical spa treatments.


If not the first but she can be placed as the second most important personality after the bride and the groom. Hence, the mother of the bride dresses need to be designed, shopped and planned with a lot of attention and intricacy. This may be the only part of your wedding the she has full control over, so let her shop her heart out. Do not restrict her with colors like beige, creams and off whites as well as let her choose the cut on her own too. Be it mother of the bride dresses tea length or a plain silk blouse paired with a classy skirt or a long flowy lace gown. It is her big day too, let her live and enjoy it to the fullest.


Traditionally, this obligation is dearly performed by the father of the bride. But if for some reason the father is incapable of making it to your wedding, or has passed away. Then it is a lovely idea to ask your mother to do the honors of escorting you down the aisle.

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